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Loves nature trips! Loves fangirling TVXQ-東方神起-동방신기. and certified Kdrama addict.
Jul 15 '12

Our trip to a hidden Paradise. ^__^

It’s been over a month since the summer ended.  Anyway, being part of the tropical zone doesn’t make any difference. We only have 2 seasons. lol! (Wet and Dry season ) however, these days, rains are continuously pouring. *sigh*. Well, I really do think that this is because of the so called ”Climate Change”. :P Enough of my intros, :P let me proceed to my main topic, which is the Paradise that me and friends went to. Since it was summer at the time being, we we’re searching for beautiful beaches around our country, “The Philippines”.

There are numerous wonderful beaches around our country, and some are yet to be discovered. Not being bias just because it’s my country. Ho-ho.. :D  It’s true! Go to your search engines and try searching Boracay, Palawan, hundred Islands and a lot more. You’ll see how we are blessed with Amazing Nature. ^__^

For me, in making trips, you have to consider 3 things:

1.)      Place (to travel)

2.)      Budget

3.)      People  (who’s with you)

First, of course you need to choose a place on where to go.  (The easiest part) XD – Obviously, we are going to places we’ve never been, and to places that we’ve been but because it’s too beautiful that you want to go back there.  Right?  But on a personal note, I really love going to the places that people don’t often visit. In short, unknown places but worthy of your time, money and visit. :)

Second, after you decide on the place, that’s the only time you need to set on how much the expenses would cost. In our case, we searched the place on line and read some blogs about on how does it goes in that area.  After some researched by my friends, we learned that the place is an undeveloped area. Meaning it doesn’t have electricity and no place to stay. So basically, it’s a “Bring your own stuff” scenario. :) Which is an advantage if your a group of friends because it’s a trip at the same a team building. :)

Remember: if you’re going on a local trip, make sure to bring just enough money. The more money you have, the more chances of you getting broke in the end. :P lol! or unless you’re trip is abroad that of course, you need a huge amount of money. It’s best if you have  atm, debit or credit cards to bring along rather than a bringing solely your cash, because that would be too delicate and risky.

In your budget, it should include everything. Basically the 2 main source of your budget would be food and Vehicle.

1.) Food (from ingredients to main dishes)

2.) Transportation – if you have a car, it is best if you’re on a carpool. :) And if you don’t have, then go and find rental cars. or better yet used public vehicles, if you think that it would be more convenient for you. In our case, it’s “Bring your own thingy” so we need a huge vehicle. And a van was enough for us. :)

Third, last but not the least, The decision of who would you tag along the trip (the hardest one, I think :P ). Surely, you wouldn’t tag someone that is your enemy. LOL!  But because you have friends that are sometimes hard to deal with, people, who have a lot of negative issues. Who doesn’t like this, or that or their temper is just so bad. So bad, that it might ruin your whole trip. >_< if you know people like this, then makes this (3rd) step as the first step before choosing your place. I chose the place as the last step because I know I have good travel buddies. *wink* ^_~

And the most important is being careful in people you meet, or even the people you tag along. Always carry or hide in proper places your personal belongings. And if any bad thing happens, take it as “Charge to experience” and never make it a reason to spoil your trip. Just smile!  After all, the reason you go on vacation is to relax, chill and enjoy the time and nature! ^___^

So there! I hope that this blog would help you . ^__^  And of course, this blog wouldn’t be complete without photos. Enjoy! ^___^ ♥♥♥

Here’s the place we went to!

isn’t ii wonderful? ^___^

here it is! we have to bring everything! ^___^

Our tents! ^__^

look at how clear the water is! ^^


The local dogs are playing! ^__^ cool!


The Sunset

So there! ^___^ It’s a very nice experience to all of us. And we all wish to go back to the so called Paradise “Burot”. :)

See yah in our next trip! ^__^

Photo credits: @denicetm and joboyarquinez

Location: Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines

Shared by: cutienicey (Heart Mind and Soul) ♥